The awards that give back making. 

Introducing a new kind of awards show that gives back more than just a line on your resume. The Mohawk Show is driven by a simple idea: Great work deserves the opportunity to make more great work. We all have an idea on the back-burner that’s so niche, indulgent or impractical that we just can’t justify it. Now imagine you didn’t have to. We are rewarding stand out work on Mohawk paper with Maker Grants to turn those passion projects into portfolio projects. Our goal: Help great makers keep on making.

Entry Rules: It's Simple. Enter anything you’ve printed on Mohawk paper.

Put less simply:
To be eligible, entries must be printed primarily on one or more of Mohawk’s materials.* All commercial work produced between Jan 2019 and Jan 2020 is eligible, including, but not limited to, corporate brochures, annual reports, direct mail, books, letterheads, posters, etc. Work designed for Mohawk is not eligible. Submissions can be made by designers, design firms, clients, advertising agencies, printers, paper merchants, or any other person affiliated with the work. Entry constitutes end user’s permission to feature winners in a traveling exhibit, on Mohawk’s website, social properties, in trade journal ads, and in a printed Mohawk Show catalog or book. 

The Mohawk Show 2020

The purpose of The Mohawk Show is to reward great design with more than just a trophy: Open the door to coveted design-media exposure and fresh opportunities to make more cool stuff.

Entry Rules

All entries must have been created between January 2019 and January 2020. To be eligible, entries must be printed on one or more of Mohawk’s materials.*

*Eligible Mohawk materials include: Superfine, Loop, Options, Carnival, Via, Strathmore, Keaykolour, Curious, Skytone, Crane's Lettra, Crane's Crest and Digital Substrates.

The Submission Deadline for The Mohawk Show has been extended to March 15, 2020.

Entries may be submitted by any individual involved in the creation or production of the work for commercial use. Entries are judged on the overall effectiveness of the design solution and use of Mohawk materials per the Curation Criteria (see below).

Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication.

Preparing Your Entry 

Before you submit to The Mohawk Show, please have the following information ready:

Your contact information for registration and notification

  • Title of Entry
  • Designer/Design Firm
  • Client
  • Printer
  • Merchant
  • Printing Method
  • Binding
  • Title of Project
  • About the Project

               o What were the goals and objectives for this project?

               o Who was the intended audience?

               o What was the designer’s intention?

               o Additional comments that contextualize the project

  • Mohawk Material(s) used in Project- Please provide all of the Mohawk materials used within the piece listing the Grade, Finish, Shade and Weight.

               o Example — Cover: Mohawk Keaykolour Vellum Matcha Tea 111 Cover, Text: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite 80 Text

All entries must be originals (no slides, transparencies, or photographic prints will be accepted). Ten additional copies will be required of each piece selected as a winner. Do not mount, staple, fold, or mark samples. Mohawk cannot return submitted items.

Release date of submission must come before The Mohawk Show’s final deadline.

Mail 5 copies of your printed project to:

The Mohawk Show

465 Saratoga Street
Cohoes, NY 12047
United States of America

Project Upload Requirements

You may submit up to 10 files per entry. File formats include: .pdf, .tiff, .png.

Dimensions: No smaller than 3 inches for the smaller dimension at 300dpi. Larger dimensions are preferred.

You are not limited to the number of entries you submit. If you wish to submit more than one entry you must fill out a new submission form.

Campaign vs. Single Entry

A campaign or serial entry is a single project that involves multiple components that are all developed and designed at the same time as part of a cohesive set and all are printed primarily on one or more of Mohawk’s materials. A campaign should be submitted if the strength of the series depends on each individual piece and its function within the campaign.

Campaign/Series examples include:

  • A set of posters and brochures that promote an entire theater season
  • A group of related product packages that includes different flavor variations OR a packaging system
  • An identity for a brand that is comprised of different printed assets across many channels (retail, direct mail, packaging, business cards, stationery, hang tags, etc.)
  • An invitation suite that includes such things as save-the-dates, invitations, maps, menus, etc.

Curation Criteria

Mohawk has selected curators who have a unique perspective and expertise suitable for judging The Mohawk Show. Judges will review your projects (including your project description) with a keen eye in search of solid, compelling work that meets project objectives creatively and exemplifies one or more areas of our Curation Criteria:

Object Quality
Printed objects exist, and are experienced, in three dimensions. Presence, dimensionality and tactility all have the ability to connect with us emotionally. We will look for design that harnesses these physical considerations, extending beyond the screen to enhance our experience of design.

Material Quality
Just as with typography, color and form, materials are design elements. We will be looking

for entries that use material qualities such as texture, weight, rigidity as strong elements in their design.

Paper as the 5th Color
Often overlooked, we will be on the lookout for thoughtful ways of printing on colored paper.

Pairing Texture
Paper has surface characteristics that reinforce design intent. We are interested in how you contrast different paper textures together.

Design that excites through the intersection of aesthetics and emotion. We all know it when we see it.

Paper & Process
Attention will be given to artful, inventive and thoughtful combinations of paper and process-where paper is used as an intentional design element, equal to the process used to make the printed object.

Project Description

Please note Mohawk reserves the right to publish an entry’s project description should the entry be featured on any of our social properties or in print. Information should be complete & accurate at the time of submission; we cannot guarantee that any additions, modifications or edits will be possible at the time of publication.

If you're still reading this, we're proud of you.


Phew, now that that part's over — let's submit!

The Mohawk Show